Arcc Assets seeks to provide a greatly unique real estate experience with high-quality and engaging lifestyle space within vibrant neighbourhoods.


We strive to bring value to our residents with our distinctive spaces, attentiveness to detail and dedication to building and reinvigorating the neighbourhood and communities they are in.


We hope to transform and enhance the way people work, live & play.

Why our spaces?


Distinctive Character & Strong Corporate Identity

An opportunity to delight in Singapore’s distinctive heritage spaces with the flexibility to reflect your business philosophy, character & needs. Our properties allows for a strong sense of identity and belonging for your business.

Centrally Located within Desirable Neighbourhoods

With a desirable business address and appeal of operating within neighbourhoods of other like-minded individuals. Our team understands changing preferences towards more lifestyle space and concepts, and are dedicated to curating and fostering an exciting community in these

Reliability and Peace of Mind

We have been invested in and managing conversation shophouse space since 2007. We pride ourselves on taking due care to consistently maintain and value-add our properties. Trust us to give you peace of mind to prepare a good space for your business needs.